The ACDL master level studio is hosted by the Advanced Computational Design Laboratory.

The primary goal of the studio is to pursue the development of intensely local urbanism and architectures with Oslo as its context. The aim is to seek for densification models that do not replicate the global trend of high-rise downtowns and sprawling suburbs, but instead a local culture and environment related mode of landscape-oriented high density low- and mid-rise fabrics and corresponding architectures.

Ordered Chaos
Sigurd Gjesti Berge

Spring 2015
Living Bridges for Akerselva

Habitable Shell Bridge
Eskil Landet

Mallard Bridge
Karen Maria Eiken-Engelgaard

Kristoffer Sekkelsten

Fall 2014
Oslo Eastfjord

Densely Private
Elena Krasteva

Connected Envelopes
Eskil Landet